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Brisbane teenager swims across English Channel twice, loses layer of tongue

A Brisbane teenager has become the second-youngest person to swim the English Channel twice in one day, swimming 68 kilometres in 22 hours to make it happen.

Brianna Thompson, 17, lost a layer of her tongue and suffered from severe leg cramps and jellyfish stings in the swim from England to France and back — a feat of endurance only achieved by 20 others.

Marcy MacDonald, ISHOF Honoree, Completes 17th Crossing of English Channel

2019 ISHOF Honor Open Water Swimmer, Marcy MacDonald completed her 17th crossing of the English Channel on Saturday, July 6th, 2019, on the 25th anniversary of her very first crossing. MacDonald wrote this to family, friends and supporters after her swim:

“Greetings from Dover! I am enjoying a day by the sea with a few muscle aches after yesterday. I’m over the multiple jellyfish zaps but I am happy to say I will be able to swim another day. The next stop is in Bridgeport, CT for the Swim Across the Sound. I’ll be doing a 2-person relay with my childhood team mate, Geoffrey Michaud. Both of us grew up on the Manchester Rec Swim team.

Channel Swim Abandoned Due To SIPE 2nd August 2016

Well that didn't go to plan. Instead of recovering from a celebratory Babycham in the White Horse in Dover I found myself in a hospital bed in Ashford on Sunday morning. My attempt to swim the English Channel was foiled in French inshore waters by Swimming Induced Pulmonary Edema (SIPE). I'd been airlifted from my support boat and was in a resuss bed.

The First 11 Hours

I started my Channel swim just after 7am on Saturday morning. The training had been done, it was a beautiful morning and weather was forecast to be improving. I had the pilot and crew that I wanted. I was raring to go. I was greased up in the mixture of sun cream and udder cream which it’s basically a mix of Vaseline and lanolin (good for cows and Channel swimmers and even better for Channel swimming cows). Over the side and a short swim to the beach at Samphire Hoe for the official start. A few Pilates moves on the beach and some wise motivational words to myself about not stopping until I hit France and I was off.

The Toughest Thirteen

13 extremely challenging swims for the advanced solo marathon swimmer. If the Oceans Seven are the “Everests” of open water, the Toughest Thirteen are the K2s.

The Toughest Thirteen (an MSF project) aims to inspire marathon swimmers to seek lesser-known, less frequently swum waters offering unique and extraordinary challenges. In 2019, over 200 swimmers have completed the Triple Crown, and many of the Oceans Seven swims have multi-year waiting lists. In contrast, for any of the T13 swims you may not have to wait longer than the next available good weather; and if you’re successful, you’ll be one of only a small handful.

Many of these swims have been DNF’d more often than finished!

Channel Team Wasseanaar terug naar Meer van Geneve

Channel team Wassenaar gaat 13 juli het meer van Genève in de breedte overzwemmen. Het betreft de klassieker van Lausanne naar Evian. De tocht wordt georganiseerd door de Lake Geneva swimming association.

Persbericht - Simply the Bes draagt bij aan droom zwemster Lisa Dreesens

In 2016 hebben blauwe bessentelers in Nederland, België en Duitsland de handen ineengeslagen en zich verenigd in het collectief ‘Blauwe bessen platform’. Inmiddels heeft het platform ruim 40 leden, die zich samen bezighouden met de vele gezondheidsvoordelen van de blauwe bes. Dit doen ze onder andere door onderzoeken, kennisdeling en generieke promotie. Onder de noemer ‘Simply the Bes’ promoten de telers gezamenlijk de gezonde blauwe bes bij de consument.

Gemiddeld elke dag zwemt iemand van Dover naar de Franse kust

Vorig jaar maakten ongeveer vierhonderd waaghalzen de 32 kilometer lange oversteek tussen het Engelse Dover en het Franse Cap Gris-Nez. Nu u nog. Let wel: alleen met een standaardzwempak zwemt u gewettigd Het Kanaal over.

Sinds 1875 deden al duizenden mensen het u voor. Dat zegt wat over de populariteit van de oversteek die ook weleens de ‘Mount Everest van de zeeën’ wordt genoemd. Vorig jaar zwommen er bijna vierhonderd mensen Het Kanaal over. Dit jaar zitten we aan honderdtachtig zwemmers. Daar zullen er nog enkele tientallen bijkomen, want het ‘oversteekseizoen’ loopt nog tot begin oktober.

This alumnus took a sabbatical to swim the English Channel

If the weather gods are well-inclined, former EUR doctoral candidate and ex-EM employee Ignacio Vaccaro will swim the English Channel next week, from Dover to the French coast. To make this possible, he took a sabbatical from his well-paid job and has been training for the past two years.

Interview Maarten van der Wijden voorafgaande aan de 11-stedentocht

Maarten heeft op de volgende vragen geantwoord. Het was de bedoeling dat het in het engels zou gaan voor publicatie op de internationale zwemmedia (Daily News of Open Water Swimming), maar door tijdgebrek is het hier niet van gekomen.

Watch: Trio begin 70km swim around Malta

Three swimmers are out to raise awareness about marine litter

Three swimmers began a gruelling 70-kilometre swim around Malta on Friday afternoon, as they seek to raise awareness about marine litter.

Swimmers Neil Agius, Gilbert Bartolo and Richard Zerafa jumped in the water at Marfa at 6pm, taking the first strokes in what will be a 24-hour test of their will and determination.

Starting in Marfa, the swimmers will go on throughout the night, swimming clockwise around the island’s coast arriving back at Marfa by around 6pm on Saturday. 

They will be stopping briefly every 30 minutes or so to sip water and eat small portions of food.